Pure Chance Show completed!

Only one of the three gates will take you further!

How many gates can you go through?

Choose one of the three gates to see if you’re lucky!

Progress through as many gates as possible and get to the top of the online leaderboard!

The game is completed and now has achievements to unlock and presents with Life savers or Helpers that, when used, highlights two gates that may take you further. The game is a casual clicking game for Android.

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Pure Chance Show update

I was meant to finish the game off quickly and get to work on the next one but ended up still working on it πŸ˜€ There were quite few improvements since I’ve put this game up on Google Play for the first time πŸ˜€

We now have:

*Slightly improved graphics
*Presents with Life savers
*Begin game with more Life savers
*Wrong gate tapped is now marked with ‘X’
*Life saver cost reduced
*Audio settings
*Confetti everywhere! πŸ˜€

Pure Chance Show Android Game

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New Project: Pure Chance Show

Pure Chance Show

After quite a break I’ve come back to working on my new game: Pure Chance Show. I’ve started it couple of months ago, after finishing Galactic Drone, but since first game took long hours to make (it turned into a second, unpaid day… well… night job) I decided I’m going to take it easy. I’ve developed most of the game back then and now it’s time to finish it off.

Pure Chance Show screen 01Pure Chance Show screen 02 Pure Chance Show screen 03Pure Chance Show screen 04

The game is a causal, simple game, where you’re presented with three gates to choose from. Only one of the gates is the lucky one and let’s you progress further. Each time you tap a wrong gate, you lose a Life Saver. Once you run out of Life Savers you loose. The game enters your score in an online leaderboard. It is now in an open beta version on Google Play store for Android.

Get the game here

Get it on Google Play